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1. Big

You're big! And strong! You are big; And you shine like the sun; Feel it in your heart; The dream that will be spun; Don't listen to the hype about the UFOs; There's too many things nobody knows; They...

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2. Flesh And Blood

Here I'm lying far from home; Cold without you by my side; Are you just a taunting dream; Torturing my lonely nights? Lonely till my blood runs cold; My heart could break like falling ice; How can I m...

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3. Happy Earthday

In your body; Lies the secret; That will set you free; Don't be scared to; Touch your feelings, Dance the energy; Happy Earthday; Happy Earthday; You can start a new life today; Happy Earthday; Happy ...

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4. Mermaids

The sea looks kinda rough today, water cold and gray; Somewhere beneath all the fears and the old routines; Under that fact that you float in a treasure gleams; Live like a dolphin down beneath the wa...

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5. Rain

Rain walking; Lost in the rainy season; Water drips from the vines; I seek the places; The Earth has tried to hide; Ancient voices sing to me; Ne-yaha-y eheya-honehe-honehe-ho-ha (ti-yu! ti-ya!); Anci...

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6. The Child Inside

Who's that calling ? who's that who can show the way ? the child inside, its the child who lives still in your eyes; ne ho ne ye he hiyo, ne ho ne yehe ha; ne ho ne ye he hiyo, neho neho nehe hehe; wh...

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