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1. Dangerous

I'm not the best you'll ever love; But I'm the best you'll ever need; I'm the worst at being comfortable; But I'm the best at living free; This ain't a fairytale; So far from a love song; I think I sh...

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2. Freedom

Freedom; Yes ladies and gentlemen allow me; To introduce myself I go by the name of mic massive; And right now I need you to assit me; In bringing out this new pop sensation; Qeuyl make some noice yea...

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3. Like That (Feat. Mic Massive)

Can you see yourself with me; yeahh; Once upon a time not long ago; I saw a pretty face that I use to know; I sounded like, excuse me Ms, what's your name; Cause you remind me of a girl; That I once k...

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4. Through the Storm

Questions; Contemplate my mind; I've been; Stuck on borrowed time; You were; The one to catch my eye; From the first time (the first time the first time); Now it feels like; I'm floating on top of the...

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