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1. Father's Day

i’m sittin in the room with a knife in my hand; with a plan all night to take the life of a man; a soul with a dark heart and the devil in his eyes; provider and father figure, high level of disguise;...

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2. Nature Of The Beast

[verse 1]; Killers assassinated the topman on the block; And this the motherfucker who taught me all about the rock; So i took a leaver babsens from my prior engagement; His mother crying on the phone...

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3. Psychological Warfare

the 6’oclock news got me paranoid, suspicious of any tan man who walks with a turban; think the mans plans to have new york burnin; so i spit the blam blam where he stores his learnin; and y’all can b...

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4. The Diamond In The Ruff

back when breakfast was a bag of chips; between mom and dad, the sadest trips; a young man who had a wish, to have a platinum disc; my parents gave life, the streets gave a family; and with the damage...

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5. The Set Up

[Q-Unique]; My world was a broken scene and a broken home; Broken dreams, and an open throne; My world my mother doing her best at avoiding doom; Me and my brother sleep on a cot in the boiler room; M...

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