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1. Meatball Fantazies

you've hurt me - but that's ok; you broke my heart - but never me ! before I met you - I felt alright; you attacked me - but Ill win the fight ! REF:; I've heard enough about your

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2. Ocean City

Everytime I go to the butcher-Meatball; Everytime I lay in my bathtub-; Meatball; Everytime I go to a Farm-; Meatball; Everytime I drive my car-; Meatball; Everytime I squeeze out pimples-; Meatball; ...

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3. Q Fish Dance

Female - and 22 years old; long hair - very good lookin'; I'm searchin' for you -your age is till 30; just send me a letter; box 6980; I wrote her - and she gimme a call; We've made a date (for today)...

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4. Schchtern

Take a step to the left - and one to the right; And now turn round - do it on the other side; left hand on your hip - the right behind the neck; now hop around the room - always be glad; show us your ...

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5. The Trust

They say: In god we trust; believe him and you're allright; you told me that you need - much more time; to trust in me - but you'll never do; something has happened with u in the past; was it my fault...

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