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1. Forever Girl

(Feat. Jazze Pha); Intro:; Girl you and me; supposed to be; together girl (together girl); forever girl; No other man; can hold you´re hand; the way I can; Lets walk through lovers land (land); Verse ...

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2. Like Dat

(feat. semy); Heyyyy; Heyyyy; Aye, aye, aye, aye; [q. amey:]; I know you see me in the club; Through the sun; Two step from the dance floor; Makin you want more; Y'all lookin good and i just can't; He...

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3. Slurpee

Oh yeah oh yeah [x4]; Yeah; I'm lookin for a shorty where you at; To tell me that its cool cause she like it like that; Know just what to do she can throw it right back; Gotta an attitude ain't gotta ...

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4. Steal My Show

[Verse 1:]; We about to start the show; And I ain't heard from you I know; You gotta be somewhere running to the mall; Just feel it in my bones; It's hard to believe that you're at home; Girl, pick up...

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