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1. California Shakedown

Post-prime with nowhere left to go; On a sunday afternoon; Soulless loucher speculators; Swarming in platoons; Babblin' on in babylon; Will only leave you hangin' on; California shakedown; Dreams ripp...

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2. Slivers Of You

Jaundice blondes in blue chiffon; She's in love with everyone; (radio edit) punchinellos; Suckin' up the midnight sun; I'll take my time hangin you out to dry; Slivers of you comin through; And the pi...

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3. Tell Me

Tell me who you are; All this conversation on the floor; Is a bore; I know I was meant for something more; Than small talk 'cause the; Night-time's for lovers; & sharing secrets under covers; And ther...

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