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1. And Then Some

I think you're gorgeous, you're charming, You're handsome, you're perfect and then some; You've got me dazzled and Frantic, Excited, romantic and then some; I used to think I was cold as could be; But...

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2. At Long Last Love

(verse); I'm so in love, and though it gives me joy intense, I can't decipher, if I'm a lifer, Or if it's just a first offense. I'm so in love, I've no sense of values at all. Is this a playtime affai...

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3. Little Skipper

Ship ahoy my little skipper; It's time to sail for blanket bay; Climb aboard your baby clipper; But don't you drift too far away; At the foot of your bed; Is your faithful little crew; It's your own p...

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