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1. Allow Me Inside

You and I like animals we hunt for blood flow; Hypnotize my brain while you moist me down; Turn me on with taste, with touch; The blaze to burn; The bite, breath me up; Feeding the fire; With pleasure...

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2. Confusion, Illusion

Confusion with you, illusion with me; I've been around the block sweety; You've got the candy, you've got the honey; I've got the bottle, and I've got the wine key; Confusion for you, illusion for me;...

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3. Front Line

As the world spins around, as the bullets cross the chest; As the soul begins to rise, as the voice of pain weakens out; With the strength of your command, the front line begins to move; Pull the trig...

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4. Keep Away

In your eyes, many intentions; To provide suffering; In disguise, you continue; To dedicate your life to keep abusing me; But on my knees I pray, I beg it day by day; For you to; Keep away; Then throu...

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