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1. Cold Hands

My hands are cold but I swear, my dear; That my heart is warm and we're floating here; Tearing me apart, like a work of art; Sometimes you talk like a souvenier; And I think you're freak but I swear, ...

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2. Mad

Today I found my friends; It was so nice; But that's ok; And I just got tired; And then I walked into my place like everyday; I could see nature in the skies; Could see the thoughts behind your eyes; ...

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3. No Shoes

Take your time; Cause I've been waiting for a sign; I've been waiting my whole life; Oh my; Take your side; Cause I've been waiting to move on; But it keeps going on and on and on; Just for you; I kno...

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4. Pride

I just took a bite; Now I'm under the light; Just give me a knife; I think I wanna a fight; Just let me ignite; You're so black and white; I just wanna you to take me home; Home, home, home; Now we're...

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