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1. Be With You

I want to show you; The rhythm and the roll; And take you into; The center of my soul; I wanna run through; The fields of your imagination; Under the blue sky; You’re the golden sun; I look in your ey...

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2. Class Clown

Love is a friend of mine; It tells me to keep my head; When all those around me are; Losing theirs instead; You know me well; I do it all on my own; I wanted to turn around; And make my house a home; ...

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3. Dirty Bird

Remember when you where a flower so tender; The day you arrived like a school girl; Wanting to learn everything; Your mother, the baroness, let you discover; The ways of the world so he showed you; An...

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4. Down

); I saw you in the reflection of the rearview; Doting away just like we used to; With someone I’d never seen before; You’re breakin’; The heart that you stirred has now been shakin’; Identity never i...

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5. Dude

(Spoken:) Turn it up; Tell me; You’re the girl who never goes away again; Sell me; On how the fairytale could never end; Help me; Find a happy ever after; ***chorus***; You, did something that you sai...

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6. Matriarch

Matriarch; I see Christine Avenue every night; Through the kitchen down the hallway; To the bedroom on the right; I slide in my easy chair; Safe as can be; To the eyes of adoration; Simply starring ba...

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7. Rainy Day People

Look out the window at the clouds up in the sky; Where the heavy weather comes together five miles high; Thunder is waiting for an audience to grow; And its' lightning Rod who gives the nod to start t...

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8. Rise

Rise now awaken from your slumber; The spell that you’re under; Is melting away now; Sunset is breakin’ through your window; And making a shadow; The ghost of a long day; Goes driftin’ by; It’s so lat...

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9. She’s The One

Yeah; Everything I ever wanted finally came to me; But in the end it wasn’t what I wanted it to be; I wagered everything I had and never had a doubt; Only to discover it ain’t what it’s all about; I k...

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10. Sonny Boy

Take Sonny, he's a real go-getter; A regular man about town; He's got the world revolving around the music; And keeping his ear to the ground; He falls asleep behind his dark sunglasses; And whispers ...

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11. The Hard Way

That woman must be 85; Holdin’ on for dear life; To a plastic cup of change; Black kid in the bathroom; Sellin’ cigarettes and perfume; To the hopeless and the strange; I stumble through the mezzanine...

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12. The Homecoming Song

Take me back in time; To the day I was your valentine; No halo over your head; We stayed at home and spent the day in bed; Your skin so hot to the touch; I never wanted anyone so much; Your a sight fo...

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13. Uncle John's Farm

When nothing I feel like; Is going my way; And me and my good thing; Got no place to stay; I pack up the Chevy; And we roll out of town; To a little piece of country heaven; Where we turn it up to ele...

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14. Undone

You took me outta circulation; Well fate would agreed with the likes of me; And handed me a sweet salvation; Angel above come and set me free; ***chorus***; I never knew that I’d find; Someone like yo...

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15. Zavelow House

There's a house down on the corner; That we always used to talk about; Never had the guts to go inside; Not even on a dare; Boarded up and creepy; Scary eyes looked out upon a sleepy town; Fascination...

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