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1. Creed

I know you trust in eternal gods; But your dreams confirm you're flesh and blood; You're flesh and blood; You feel so safe when stars shine on you; Reverse the light to whom are you true; To whom are ...

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2. Disorder

So tired, steep in the dark; You've shown me the way and I came; Your words are whispers in the night; Lead me away and I came; You put my broken bones in a safe place; My broken bones sleep with you;...

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3. Don't Lose It

We rise, we fall, we weep; But when love's walking down my street; I know that sound; I just forget my war; And whisper to you through the door; Keep me, that's all; But I tell you, don't want to lose...

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4. Fog

Colours (x7); Here in my mind; I let some colors, well; Show me I don't see; Your smile please let make me get; Close to you, close to you; When I'm in your arms; At least I can close my eyes; But I d...

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5. Free

I'm ready for you; I love you too; Be sure of my affection; I tell you the truth; This game is so hard; I give you all my cards; Feel my determination; For your... is mine; Free, how; How I'm free, ho...

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6. Heavy Weather

In my head; There's a parallel life; Slowly growing; Softly haunting; Through my window; A tropical light; Mesmerizing; Tantalizing me; I sense heavy weather moving my way; So come on down here, come ...

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7. My Light Is Gone

So far... So far away; No more vision, no more true enemies; No more seasons, no more stars in the sky; My light is gone; No more reasons, no more; No more questions, no more stories to tell; My light...

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8. Silence

Profound silence on the sea; I wish I coul find the same harmony; Between waves I would disappear; Nothing here can confort me; You are my sadness; Moving as this is a symphony; Nothing here can confo...

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9. Ticky Ticky

Today the sun is cold; And the wind calls my name; Can feel it in the air; Makes my body shiver; I cry cause I can't be; A big white based and free; Diving from the sky, you took me by surprise; Ticky...

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