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1. Alley Cat

And so it seems that all you are is a paddle boat sent out to sea; And your battling the waves that collapse over your frail body; So cast out the anchor; Cause any man's land will do for you; And get...

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2. Freight Trains

Used to listen to the freight trains when I was a child; Smiled and waved as they sang on the tracks; And I didn't know where they were going; Four wheels is a home; And a meal of second hand smoke; I...

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3. I Am The Floorboards

Four falls, you came to me; In the winter like stolen silver; Columbus, I still wear your rings; And the ember strung along my neck singing; Come on, come on, come on, we got a lot to do; Come on, com...

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4. Rare and Caller

Tossed a nickel down that wishing, just to let it hit the bottom; Now wishing for just a pretty song to hear; And it goes, and it goes down; And it goes goes goes down; Followed the cracks in the stre...

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5. Spider Webs

You speak of being tangled up almost nightly; And I'm trapped in this spider web; The dew drops will keep me company; But they'll be dried up and gone with the morning; In a cocoon you weaved me; In a...

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