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1. Do You Know Who Live Or Die

My life is good but something is wrong; I looking for you; The eyes just asking from the inside; What I gonna do? Do you know who live or die? (Do!)(you!)(know!)(who!)(live!)(or!)(die?!); I never thin...

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2. Gates of Lies

In this illusion dream; The plans are made; You didn't calculate the effect; And you feel the soreness; Than when you can't come back; You lose your dreams blown by wind; Watch out the wind; Your life...

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3. Glory

Look at yourself, stop complain; To live is not a choice; But win yes, fight; Troubles are everyday won; And you are not a fool; Remember your victories; Your secrets even you don't know; Are trapped ...

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4. New Way

Without think about the past; Living today and tomorrow; I will not play to be happy; Take the chance and try; Changes make you go on; Without give up; Changing to good; It always comes; Don't need to...

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5. Overvoices

The Light appear and you see the gate; You decide to come back; Is a weak with fear of the destiny; There’s not force; and the cruelity domains; Over a whisper in your mind; Makes you move; “I don’t w...

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