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1. All One Blood

Why is it all you see is hate? Why can't you just see we're all the same? Try so hard to make yourself elite; Fight a war that makes you obsolete; As one, we're stronger united; It's all this hate tha...

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2. Counter Productive

counter productive role, the only one I play; So I'm going nowhere fast, I take it day to day; Searching for something new, so I can run; And when I finally think I'm there, I'm back where I started f...

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3. Dead Last

Holding your position in, a race that's going nowhere fast; Gaining ground to nowhere, destined for dead last; Searching for an answer, it's something you'll never find; Choose to live for money, or l...

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4. Misguided

We have the power but are reluctant to use it; As long as we're kept secure, thinking we're in control; We'll keep looking for happiness, not knowing it's right under our nose; It's time to open up ou...

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5. React

One last run to take it all; One last time to steal the show; It's our game, so you know; Stand the fuck back, comin' through; React-It's time to make a move; React-or stand still and lose; Bred to ha...

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6. Reclaim

Buried alive beneath every lie; Media blitz to desensitize; Now we're gonna turn the set; Class order of things remains incorrect; I will reclaim what's rightfully mine; Cannot sit back and watch it a...

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7. Resistance

We can win the war with resistance; An unstoppable force with persistence; We're ready to fight and we're ready to bleed; So stand on your feet or die on your knees; It's something they will never fuc...

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8. State Control

Freedom, it's a blatant lie, forced into a planned mindset; Working, till' the day you die, never going to get what you want to get; Installed ideals, keep us all in check; American dream, the notions...

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9. Take By Force

Forced to be a player, a player in the game; And now you're just a number and you've lost your name; Forgot the meaning of life, open your eyes and you will see; A cause that's worth fighting for; Tak...

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10. Where You Stand

ou'll lose everything, if you don't choose for yourself; This time you have to take it back; Our time moves fast, make your own choices of you'll finish last; People try to set your goals and tell you...

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