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1. Break

Verse:; You want to break; You feel the weight of the world on you; You cant escape; The thought that your someone who; Has sealed his fate; No one to blame; You’ve lost the strength; But help is on t...

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2. Far From Here

Verse:; Question the divine; Look up to the sky; Where it all begins; Where our hearts collide; Could this really be; What I’ve searched for; Chorus:; Take me far from here; Carry me tonight; This is ...

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3. Feel Like You

Verse:; I wanted You to know my heart; You saw right through it; I wanted You to know my heart; You reached to the depths of it; You look past all I’ve ever been; And see what I want to be; You look p...

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4. I Woke Up

Verse:; It seems so real but so impossible; I walked on streets paved with hate; Pain and ridacule surround me; I'm glad now that I'm awake; Chorus:; I Woke up today and I see that now my; Pain has sl...

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5. One Chance

Verse:; I feel that this could be; The perfect chance for me; To show them who I turn to; See you through me; Chorus:; All I want is to be real; All You want it to be near; All they want is what they ...

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6. Only Me

Verse:; My eyes have seen the glory of you; My heart has witnessed what your love can do; I’ve fallen but your compassion sets in; You hold me tighter than I can comprehend; Chorus:; I can see Your li...

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7. Out Of Your Hand

Verse:; She stands silently thinking; About the time she first met You; It seems so long ago; After all her years of running she; Wonders if you can get her through; Or is she a forgotten soul; Chorus...

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8. This Life Is Through

Verse:; The day’s almost through; Can’t wait till the end of it; I’ll be home soon; Sleep wake up and start again; Cant take anymore; Lord I need you now; Can’t take much more; You life me up again; C...

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9. You Take Me There

Verse:; Stuck here again; Can’t clear my head of this; I need to get away; You’ve always been; What I need the most; I want to know the way; Chorus:; You take me there; You take me there; Anywhere but...

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