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1. Anything But You

I feel like I keep fallingon my face. In a world where ther's no room for second place. ; My confidence is growing. I find strength in knowing. It's okay 'cause Your love is here reaching out to me. I...

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2. Better Place

Let's add some light to this gloomy world. Despite the views that we once held. Sometimes you have a smile. Spread across your face for about a mile. You're okay for a while. ; I know you want a bette...

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3. Come Home

All my hopes and dreams came true today. My life wont be the same. You opened up my eyes and let the healing begin. You brought me hope within. ; You took away the chains that once held e down. Now I ...

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4. Cry On My Shoulder

You say you're falling apart. Reached the end of the line. Just looking for your place inan ordinary life. No one calls you friend. No on ven knows your name. You just want to feel loved instead of al...

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5. Don't Run Away

Well you are my strength; Even though i'm never weak; And you are my joy; Even though i'm never sad; But sometimes i get; Just a little mad; But i'll always love you; Always! Do you love me? I need to...

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6. Gotta Believe It

I'm just a human on this planet for a little while. I'm a crazy believer. I'm not singing just to make you smil. I wanna tell you the truth. I'm not a superstar, ut it don't matter who you are. He's a...

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7. Just For Me

In the beginning there was just You. You and only You. Tell me, were You lonely? I can't help but wonder is that why the ocean's blue? You sai let there be light and the night became day. You said let...

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8. My Days Are Better

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt me; Sometims the future seems unknown. But today hs enough woris of it's ow. Soeties I'm deep in the valley. Soetimes I'm high on the mountaintop. But today none...

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9. What's Missing

I can't complain I got the best things money can buy. But I'm feeling hollow driing solo in the ride of my life. I wana know, I wanna see what's missing in me. ; Tell me the truth, I'm looking for. Wh...

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