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1. Enter Life Between

Enter life between; Enter life between; And you will find; People that surround you; They will kill you; Hold on to your weapon; Kill them if you see them; They take life; To destroy your power; They ...

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2. Future Warrior

Mechanical arms; Mechanical legs; Computer brain; Radio control; Circuits to last; Programmed to kill; Steel and blood; Servo equipped; Hunt you down; Crush your head; Power energy; Digital thoughts; ...

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3. Infinity (journey 1)

Inside me my power; My body’s getting weaker; Brain stops to function; Replace with a machine; Send me to nothing; A place I have never been; This is my next stop; Insecure I feel; Now my journey star...

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4. Land Beyond

Land beyond a place we want; A place free from salvation; War and pain and despair; A child with perfect mutation; Life in the mist; Pure radiation; Land beyond; Heaven no longer exists; No longer exi...

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5. Life Converter

Life is changing; To strange environment; Our analogue world is now; Turning to digital place; To live is to die; Technology starts to conquer; Even in your mind; Integrated circuits; Computerized sou...

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6. Nuclear Winter

Land of darkness; Land of fear; Death among us; Death is real; Radiation in your veins; Nuclear winter causes the pain; The strongest survive in this land; The strongest; Buried your life in the sand;...

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7. Strange Environment (journey 2)

Strange environment; I have reached this point; First place in this mission; Don’t know where I am; Asking my computer; Is there life in this place; Error on my screen; Nothing to display; Darkness su...

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8. The Evolution

I create this message; To send in time; About the evolution; About the human race; Prepare now for the; Future; Prepare now for the; Evolution; Computers will run; Technology will rise; Digital geneti...

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9. Threshold To Reality

Time is running out; The world will fall apart; Soldiers from beyond; Electrocute your heart

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