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1. Because Love

I can?t explain this kind of feeling; burns inside, shakes my legs, I mean it; my mind gets blurry my body?s sweating; I can?t control no more of my actions; My heart?s in pieces there is no doubt; Ca...

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2. How Long

You’re so easy on the eyes; you know what I meant for us; I just wanna grow old with you; and so would everyone; I watch you staring at blowing wind; it’s kind of mysterious; Why don’t you let me be w...

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3. I Should Have Lied

I should have lied; What is wrong can be right; I should have lied; as everybody else; I should have lied; instead of telling you; telling you the truth; All those wicked promises; made about being up...

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4. Just Let Me Go Home

Once upon a time you would hear me say; “Did you say what you wanted?”; “I’ll do anything”; I could hear you breathing; Everytime! “Upon a time”, now a long way behind; I can tell you’re leaving tonig...

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5. Maybe Tomorrow

You chose your way to complain and point me out; But life started to show you otherwise; You promised me lies crying just enough; I gave you all I had this time; And you couldn't get higher; Than you ...

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6. Now I'm Free

I have tried to find a place; Where the sky would shine enough for you; Blue; New; Yeah; There's no world enough for you; And no one meets up to your demands; Bright; Light; You; Just one last shot, y...

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7. Watch Over Me

I can’t see our love fade away; still this won’t last forever; I am here for you coz' I love you; But we won’t stand through time; (chorus); So watch over me; I just want you to see; I live because yo...

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8. We Made It

Pack your suitcase, let’s get on to; a plane that will take us off; this endless highway; I told you, we’d get there someday; From a dream; we’ve crossed mud and frights; increased our will to fight; ...

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9. You Won't Be Alive Forever

Stand right up; Pick up all the pieces; Stand right up; put yourself in the ring; Stand right up; Don’t let any tears fall; You gotta run to fix all the mistakes; Stand right up; make plans for tomorr...

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