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1. 41 Miles

Forty one miles away; And still nothing could lead me back home; Before my eyes cheated me; Old pages of insanity, to burn; Four hundred times you said; Heard those echoes that made me wait for; Leave...

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2. Circe

On her own way; Above all innocence; Despite all she learned; Was born in court; In a silk camouflage; And golden crown; Eternal love; Inside a cruel disguise; A potion has been made, then; But she is...

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3. Love Tricks

Down on me, sweet baby; Never mind who did before; They`ve all, walked away from that door; Foolish chat, they`re saying; Don`t freak out, what is it for? Worthless this “past-time” talk; Oh no; Aren'...

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4. Midnight Sunlight

Hide inside the things they believe in; Are you in there? Building up thick walls on your scenery; Looking out where? Muddling all your creed can`t tell which is which; Can find you where? As a fool I...

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5. Overdrive

You hold me down; As I hear the sound; I know; Your only way out; Outside and loud; Hear you shouting out; I know; But I don't know how; Million times; All these lines; So clearly defined; As the nigh...

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6. The Cave

Live as you wish; Thinking free at last; Think as you wish; Living free at last; Your own lens are leading you through; Seen this place, though I can`t recall; I am living again, some misty flashes de...

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7. Traitor Troop

He ran away; Couldn`t stand the pain, ‘cause lost his pride all in vain; All the things that they have done and will remain; Been deceived by his own troops; And the guilt of attack; Had to carry alon...

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