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1. Clock Smile

I need you before; The hands of the clock; Take you from here; That I shed a tear; I need anymore; Some time from the clock; To slow down my drive; Do you wanna be my life? Refrão; And I still running...

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2. In Other Times

You don't look more to me; You fell it but you won't see; And all the things that you say; Sounds like I have no way; Because I just wanna love you; For everything that comes I'll go trought; Please r...

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3. Sad Tears

Cry up the tears you have to drop; cuz anyone is going to dry them for you when they're gone; Is anything you have left to done? Because the life is hungry and waits for noone; when it's gone; Word ca...

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4. Wish To Be Anywhere

I'm walking empty streets trying to; find a way to home, a way to you; Everything that pass remember me; From the times we've passed trough; And anything can erase; what have been done and; there's st...

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