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1. Adelaide Parade

Oh we're going to the pasture to meet adelaide; And ask her if she has a way to; Send us back to where we came from! Don't know who she is; or how she is or when or why she is; But as for where she is...

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2. Into The Unknown

Led through the mist; by the milk-light of moon; all that was lost is revealed; ; our long bygone burdens; mere echoes of the spring; but where have we come; and where shall we end? if dreams can't co...

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3. Patient is the Night

Along the fields of straw and stover; clocked in 'till the work day is over; time's a gentle stream; longer than it seems; patient is the night; ; how I long to see her face now; her starry moonlit ga...

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4. Potatoes and Molasses

Oh, potatoes and molasses; If you want some, oh, just ask us; They're warm and soft like puppies in socks; Filled with cream and candy rocks; Oh, potatoes and molasses; They're so much sweeter than al...

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5. The old North Wind

Oh Yeah the old North Wind starts to howl; Puffs up, furrows his brow; Now, now, you better take cover; Lock up those doors and close those shutters; I say the old North Wind, yes he is; He's gone fat...

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