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1. A Little Bit Of Happiness

I just drink a little bit of happiness; Before I go out on my own; I will leave this bar all filled up; They’ll never know I’ll be gone; I just wipe a little bitty teardrop; As I step out on the stree...

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2. Countryfied

You’ve probably heard of the country moon; It comes out on a hot summer night; People get together from miles around; To dance their troubles away; You laugh at their funny hats and boots; Conspiring ...

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3. From Duke To Alan

They’ve been playing that jazz for years now; Doing complicated things; Hoping for what the future may bring. But a buck a tune won’t do it; Won’t get them strings for their guitars; So tired of dream...

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4. Hey Y’all

Hey y’all folks. Are you ready for us. Have you been drinking; It sure seems like you have; Gone to a lot of trouble; Just gettin’ here. Now get ready to ramble; Leave all your cares. ; So fill up tho...

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5. It’s About Time

I’ve been gone, dating myself again; I thought all along, that you would be my friend at hand; You told me many times; That you will never love another man; But now I’m cold as ice and I fear you can;...

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6. Just An Old Couple

He’s been working at that old saw mill; His rough hands worked hard to pay all the bills; His working friends have been moving on; But he still carries on. In the job that he does with such pride; She...

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7. Pick Up Jasmine

She’s in the left lane cruisin in a four wheel drive; In her mirror red and blue lights arrive; She kicks it into overdrive; Man, does she feel her heart’s alive; When a couple of red lights flash up;...

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8. Pork On The Run

Here comes X-mas dinner my Pa said; The truck came rolling in; Yeah we raised our pig during summer; And invited all our meat eating kinds; That little pig came oinking thru the truckdoor; We just sto...

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9. Tell Her

The warmth of her smile and her giving hands; Were taking me away, up and over the fence; I felt like a flying horse was taking me for a ride; This love needs no place to hide; One day she took off, s...

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10. The Hitch-hiker

On a cold deserted highway; Stood a man dressed in white; He wore sunglasses and shiny shoes; He never minded that it was night; I don’t know what made me stop; I shivered as he climed in; His voice w...

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11. Two Broken Cigarettes

Two broken sigarettes; And an empty bottle of wine. I ain’t over it yet; I’m at the end of the line; Running out of time; There are no more options to choose; Darkness becomes mine; Keep telling mysel...

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12. Your Roses

You gave me my life; Along with your love; You taught me to strive; And look up above; Then you went to your heaven; I waved at the gate; I will no more be seeing you”; But for you I’ll always wait; I...

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