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1. City Of Dead

Across a sea of sand a treasure waits; Buried neath the past, a living gate; A voice ever calling me; Through golden dreams…destiny; "Damned is he who takes from the hand of my sleeping shadow"; "In t...

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2. Dominion

Cold plastic faces, numb empty spaces. ; The thin and the hollow, living to follow. ; You'll never know love without betrayal, open up your door and down you sail. ; If it sings your song you know it'...

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3. Grey Tide

Out of a twisted womb I crawl; The child of stone and tainted blood; And I; I am the chosen... I'm the one; Ordained to right the hand of God; The meek will drench the Altar; Suffer...Like me; Run, Ru...

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4. Outworld

A weary world decays beneath a veil of cold synthetic light; Into the cameras' eyes we fade; As nature gives way to the wheel; In Shackles we're born; With meaningless toil, ignorance and consumption;...

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5. Raise Hell

Towers climb through the breathless grey... soon we burn; As the businessmen feed; Truth and beauty bleed; As they poison the well; Raise Hell; Hear the whipping the slaves; Singing Jesus saves; You i...

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6. Riders

In the night voices are calling; Through the past footsteps are falling; Long ago...so far from this world that turns to steal; our souls; We were the free, we were the faithful; Look...turn your head...

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7. The Never

Bend then fade; Wither like leaves-feed a closing space; Let go of hope, bury the dreams that have died; Or carry their weight through the Never; There is no destiny-shining through the void; No...no ...

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8. War Cry

Here's to the mindless; Vacant and spineless; Forever hollow, they follow and feign; Cheers to our leaders; Slick elevated zeros; Packaged and plastic, they dance for the herd; Here's to your boxes; Y...

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