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1. One Of Us

If God had a name, what would it be; And would you call it to his face; If you were faced with and all his glory; What would you ask if you had just one question; Yeah, yeah, God is great; Yeah, yeah,...

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2. Sinful Wishes

I feel good, I feel right; I fell that I'm on an illegal high; Something's wrong certainly; This doesn't happen to me easily; Modern love, maybe so; Only time will tell as we all know; Had enough long...

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3. Together In Electric Dreams

I only knew you for a while; I never saw your smile; 'Til it was time to go; Time to go away (time to go away); Sometimes it's hard to recognise; Love comes as a surprise; And it's too late; It's just...

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4. Tonight It's Party Time

Pump your body, pump your body all through the night; We're gonna make you feel right; We're gonna party tonight; Come on now; I've found someone, somebody who wants my body; I've found someone, someb...

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