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1. Bitter Shovel

I know you're out to fry me, but before I go down; I'll make your bitter shovels dig my grave; I know you're out to try me, but remember this now; I'm not the one to life who stays a slave; Into this ...

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2. Deeper Than Down

Is something wrong with my face? 'Cause every time I look at you; You always turn away; Is something wrong with my life? 'Cause every time I speak to you; You've got some shit to say; My life is deepe...

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3. Elastic

I stood alone, pulled a dime from my pocket and wished; Making sure it hit the bottom of the well; But fruition never came; So I am taking back my wishes, I could be wrong; But this is another reason ...

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4. Farther

Nobody ever told me; how so completely; out of control we; can make our lives; I'm just beginning;; I was winning; when I faced you; at the starting line; Now I'm falling back again. I'm down;; I shou...

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5. Feel This

Everyone was there when you; Stood behind my back and; Broke it, by the way. So now I'm building up this mound; Of all the old and all the records; Now, I'm gonna burn it with your name; (Chorus); Com...

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6. Guidance

You're the one that provides in times of need; You're the air that fills my lungs so I can breathe; You're the one that keeps my road sanctified; With every turn you'll always be my guide; Chorus:; On...

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7. Judging

I won't be judged by the cover; Before you read the pages inside; I'm counting one, maybe two or three mistakes I've made; I never thought the cover couldn't hide; Don't bow down to the world; Everyon...

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8. My Turn

Back when I was younger; There was a time when I even thought that I could fly; Man, I wish that were the case right now; I'm tired of feeling useless; I wanna be out there making something of myself ...

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9. Now

So pick your ass up again; Now the time passes by; You cover bruises with your excuses again; But when you ask yourself, "Why?"; Everyone around you seems to be alright; You know you could have played...

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10. Revolving

Deeply I scream from within; That I surrender cause I've been searching; For a clue that I'm alive; I'm like a goldfish swimming in a plugged in blender; The water's peaceful with a view from the insi...

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11. Way I Am

I break down in the middle of filling you in on my day; Sweetly you touch and say everything's gonna be okay; Then you lead me to the place that I've been drowning; And you try to fill me after the dr...

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