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1. 4th Dimension

Shadow of the sun will hide us away; But be wiser we don't want here to stay; It's a land of sand and wind; With no excuses without a king; I'm not afraid to stay alone; The night is hot as you can se...

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2. Engine Of Soul

Inconstant heartbeat I look in to deep; The unsure movements I won't try to speak; A chance is lost there's a hole; Confusion is under my conscience is gone; Conscience is gone; But now I'm silent she...

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3. Kiss Of Life

So tell me what it's like; To be in space of pleasure and don't feel fine; Your scratchy lips are sucking in; I'm in forbidden kiss of life; You know I like it please; Give me more; A poison kiss of l...

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4. My Emptiness

I'm running through the fields of mist; Just to get out of that; The sense of mine arose at once; To leave the emptiness I please; Another sweetness light; You kept me under to delight; Another sweetn...

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5. Until The Morning Sky

A light in the deepness of the forest; Tells me secrets of the woods; About the ancient creatures; The keepers of the tales and truth; Hands of trees will wash your tears; Will take disease away; And ...

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