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1. Battlegrounds

Follow me legions, pray to our god; Master of the highsword, command us in battle; I am the patriarch, to the forces of might; Free the land now; From our enemies; I pray for fortune; And you will hea...

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2. Darkness Rise

Follow me down the traitors path; The judas in me never let you be free; Moments seems like eternity; The daylight turns to dusk; If you were here you would try to flee; But you couldn’t hide from the...

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3. Funeral Pyre

Sitting by the fire and i watch the flames grew high; Black smoke cleanses souls into the purgatory night; Darkness to the masses and i hear the people scream; As i feed them all to the man-eating mac...

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4. Outremer

In the moonrise shine - Watch the skeleton dance; From those who failed – Look how they move; Hell pipes roar – On the dead mens day; A party of ghouls – Have just arrived; They drinking like hell – A...

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5. Skeleton Dance

The journey took us far; Longer than we'd been before; Thousands men with sword; Fighting in the land of the infidels; With a massive force; To regain the relic of the true cross; Over sea and storm; ...

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6. The Mercenary

Where you there back in ‘68; Didn’t I drop my napalm on your back; I saw you burn and I knew we won; But you shot me dead at Saigon; Can you remember me from Stalingrad; I thought you’d beat me but yo...

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7. The Undertaker

I am the undertaker, I will take you under; I meassure you up, put you down, I close your lid; The vulture on my shoulder is my only companion; The gream reaper made my day so buzy my work will never ...

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8. Through The Final Gates

No more shall my morning rise; In ruin I’ve been laid to rest; I am lost into forever and ever; I’d rushed through the final gate; I can’t hear you – Let me hear you scream; Don’t you really wanna be ...

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