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1. Gift Of Gab

All the bullshit you kids talk; What a fucking joke; Hide behind scene politics; A crutch to help you cope; As long as I remember why i'm here; And who's got my fucking back; What you say and do; Will...

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2. Reality Check

You say I've failed; But I say that I did my best; I did what I could and that wasn't enough? Now you stand; Spit in my face; You think you're better? I'll put you back in your place; A lessin klearne...

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3. The Rumour Mill

You better figure out; I got nothing to say; All that stupid shit you pull me; Keep it away from me; It's funny how you won't face me; With those words; Gotta keep it for the crowd; You must be proud;...

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4. Word To The Wise

I keep getting tested; Another rodent in in your trap; I'm fucking fed up,fucking sick; Been there,done that; Keep my name off your lips; Cause k'm about to snap; No I don't need your opinions; Cause ...

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