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1. Breathing Fire

Back from years as time divides; Past and present lands; I ride the wind back to today; In mother nature’s hands; I’m past the point of overload; Moon won’t move the tides; Screamin’ demons burst in f...

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2. Broken Sleep

Take flight as falling rain surrounds us; Turn back the hands of time to save us; Too late to scream your name I’m bleeding; Now it’s just your commands I’m heeding; (that’s right); Mother mercy comin...

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3. Lovesigh

Falling star, wished upon in moonbathed sunlight; Distant morning lights the way….. Where we are is such a question I can’t answer; Not tomorrow or today….. ; More than you’ll ever know –; How hearts ...

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4. Out In The Night

I tried so hard to make things right; But it didn’t seem like I could change your mind; I still remember the nights we had; You gave me a feeling I could never forget; I gotta find somethin’ more to b...

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5. Outloud!

We were born out of might and wonder; Though the sound of the rolling thunder; Now we’re ready to rock the night away; We came through the edge of never; To live in your hearts forever; Rock you to he...

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6. Searching For Truth

For something I’ve been searching all of my life; It seems that it was right before my eyes; I’ve found the dream that I was dreaming all this time; Guess I was tearing out a lie; You’ve gotta see it ...

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7. The Last Days of December

The last days of the year; They're drawing oh so near; Reminding us of how it used to be; The nights... are getting colder; And as we're growing older; There's only love to share; For you and me; But ...

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8. This Broken Heart

Hey girl, how ya doin’, Did ya get my message last nite? I called you up, I don’t know why; But I said I love you…; So much I hate you ‘cause; I know I can’t replace you or escape you; I try so hard d...

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9. Tonite

Save me tonite! I remember the way it used to be; I was you and you were me; We used to fly so high; We used to be as one; You said we could stand to be apart; I guess you just don’t understand it; Th...

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10. Waiting For Your Love

Sure as I've been waiting for your love; I can see the stars shine up above; Telling me "keep holding on this time"; Cause it won't be long until you're mine; I'll drive a million miles on this midnig...

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11. We Run

I don’t know which way to go anymore; I’ve been waiting at a crossroads; For much too long now; Can’t help but remember that you said; You’d always be the one for me; I guess I followed you through; M...

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12. Wild Life

You’ve got no decision; You feel something’s false; Like you don’t know where you’re from; Like you did nothing wrong; And you feel the hours; Our time waves goodbye; When you’ll be an older person; Y...

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