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1. Can't Hardly Wait

Verse I: Time to get caught right up in, our own despair again; Why is it that it feels like; It doesnt mean a damn thing, whats wrong is right; Life separates emotions, drives madly insane; Left feel...

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2. Hope And Pray

Deep down inside, a place with nowhere to hide. And your whole body feels numb. You start to tremble inside, You see your life pass you by. You compromised now your lost. ; What do you do when you use...

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3. Walk Away

Once again I've lost myself; And all the time I knew it felt like hell; Need to learn to Walk Away; Turn around and face the day; We need to walk away; Life isn't fair, so just walk away, walk away; L...

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4. What's It All For

Verse I: Felt True, Yet hardly knew just what to do; And I refuse; To lead on and believe; Dont Cry, Its time for us to go decide; And Keep in mind; We fall just how we choose; Pre Chorus: Its time fo...

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