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1. In A Perfect World

There are no happy endings-face of the; Dead at the end of the tunnel; Always wish to live a wonderful life-; World of loss keeps you grounded; I have no idea what this world means to me-trust is lost...

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2. Out To Win

i'm out to win-never giving in-rise straight to the top-never fall again stepping on-all who oppose me-a fair fight-no-it will never be; top of the world-can't bring me down-to the death-no longer be ...

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3. Persist And Destroy

the face of disgust is the one you won't forget; you've crossd the line and you'll pay; cast the stone but nothing can save you; existence in this world has come to an end; you'll never see the light ...

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4. Suffer

the hate I feel is the love you never showed me; never ending pain is what I wish on you; you passed your judgement and I'll never forget the choice you made; In your eyes success was failiure-your tw...

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5. Through The Lies

behind the lies-I see right through the lies; I see right through you- I've risen up to take you; your cries heard by no one; tommorrows the beginning-of an eternity of pain; the decision to take you ...

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6. Trust No One

from the day I was born-I never asked for nothing; belief of a bond was just a lie; all these years of memories-a waste of time; you'll never understand just what've you've done-done to me; I will alw...

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