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1. Believe

I believe there is another way; That I could carry on; Even though I understand; I'm trembling, all alone; I believe you know what's best for you; But who am I to say; That I would rather die if it co...

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2. Different Eyes

From the moment I saw you; for the first time; I knew that all that I've been through; was leading up into this night; you knew where I've already been; you can see right through my skin; you are the ...

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3. Fading

I can feel your hand; Buried deep down inside my chest; You are holding my heart; So you can push the dark aside; Who knew that it would come so far; That I am sitting here; Staring at my scars; (I'm ...

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4. Lifeline

I can't give up on me; I've been searching for a reason; For me to carry on; I drank this poison but I kept believing; That I can find a place where I belong; You gave me something; That I cannot desc...

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5. Lost

I need to push it back, push it back again; I was lost in the ocean; I never knew that I could swim this far; I was lost in devotion; I never thought that I would fall for this; but I gave away my hea...

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6. My Distress

I felt like Ifinally had it all in my hands; You gave me so much strength; and now all this ends; I stare into your wide open eyes; I can't move; I am shocked; I am paralyzed; When I look back now; My...

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7. Nightfall

So I give in; I know the dawn is the bitter end; So I put my mask on and I start to pretend; To be someone I ain't never gonna be again; Every minute; From the morning til' the sun goes down; I know t...

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8. Revivor

I had a chilhood full of love; I grew up with a family that's been watching me from above; I went to school; I made new friends; They told that friendship never ends; So they started talking; and my f...

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