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1. Belong

Intro; I can remember - standing beside you; Holding the rock in your hand; You moved in slow motion; Like cinema heroes; Sirens, alarms in the crowd..... ; Verse 1; How will me manage irreversible da...

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2. Riot On The Rooftops

RIOT ON THE ROOFTOPS; VERSE 1; We all stand up for something; We all stand up for one thing; Whatever that one thing maybe; You and me? We all stand up together; Get knocked down - come back stronger;...

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3. She Wore Red

Teenage - angst Gripped; May ball - dress ripped; Bank card - checks out; Small mind - big mouth; Smart Shoes - who cares? Converse - strange stares; Black eyes - black lips; You look like shit; So gl...

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4. Weak

WEAK; VERSE 1; Everything seems brutal; Bruised and torn apart; A self inflicted sadness from the start; Now nothings clear and no-one's changed; The song remains the same.... ; PRE-BRIDGE; Hopeless -...

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