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1. Alive

Now it’s more than a feeling inside; And I, I cant pretend to go; A single breath further and I won’t hide; Until you know; Tonight you make me feel alive; And I…; If I lose everything you ever gave t...

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2. Angel's Song

There’s something I have found; Looking back and knowing now; This was meant for me, this was meant for me; Though I never journeyed far; Now I see from where you are; You were moving me, you were mov...

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3. Back To The Cross

It’s times like these when I fall so hard; That I wonder now how I ever got this far; So many failures fill my mind; And then history keeps reminding me; Of these scars; Whenever the past is showing m...

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4. Because Of The Blood

Where are the chains that held me down? Where is the past I dragged around? It really is amazing grace that sin can be erased; Because of the blood I know; You are my source of hope; Feeling this empt...

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5. Every Breath

Under open skies you whisper; It comes as no surprise to me; Thunder echoes out this reminder; How beautiful you are to me; And it’s blinding when you find me; Every breath that I breathe; Is one that...

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6. More Than Everything

I am flawed and I am shattered; I am pieces scattered in the wind; Everything I thought would matter; Has left me stranded empty deep within; And I’m ready to begin again; You are more than everything...

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7. New Again

I’m not sure what happens now; Do you think that we could just slow things down; Is this really how to start a conversation? I’m not quite ready I’ll admit; But I don’t see the point in calling this; ...

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8. Save Me

This night has grown so cold and being this alone; It’s plain to hear one heart beating; There’s something more to find; And knowing deep inside I’ve got to start believing; I thought forever could on...

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9. To Be A Hero

Here is where the road begins; You choose how this story ends; Every step will come alive; When you live out what’s inside; Finding and believing; This is who you’re meant to be; You know who you are;...

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10. Tomorrow

Look around to what surrounds you; We’ve been waiting, staring in a daze for so long; Spend your life to find a way through; Now you’re here and all of your dreams are so gone; Set it straight, this w...

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