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1. As The Hand Strikes

What makes you think; There’s more to chemicals; Is time with you now? As the hand strikes; Do you wish it slower; Is it your heart beat? As it races faster; Hoping you can see the fireworks; Hoping y...

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2. No Relevance

Where paths will lead your heart; Signs will sway your sight; Where plans will lead your work; People will steal your faith; Where structure can take you; It’s an idea, artificial ---; Means to hide y...

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3. Ruins

Like a tortured soul with no where to turn, Is this where you thought, Where you thought you’d be? “Once Vivid Eyes”; It’s time to face your fears, Stop cowering in the shadows; Set it all ablaze, Wil...

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4. The End (III)

How is it that you saw; Something much different than; What came to you; It was never like that at all; Why did you think it was; All just because of you? It is just not your fault; How long will this...

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5. The Mirror

How does it feel to know that there's nothing about you that comes from the heart? There's nothing about you that is original. You're nothing but a mirror image of the ones right next to you. This com...

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6. Together To The Sea

And I see you there, you’re waiting; For the water touch your toes; You blame the shaking on the wind; This is all make believe, you know? And we’ll stand embraced forever; Under air, filling our lung...

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7. What It Means To Stand

Come on! we've made it this far; There's no point to call it quits now; We've been through the worst; Keep your head above the water; And your hand in mine; Rest assured, I'll protect your heart of go...

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8. When It Speaks II

I’ve floated as a ghost; For eternal memory; I carry my heart; With my hands bloody; You made it so hard; I’ll follow you; It’s you I made; My favorite thing; I am your maker; I am your sickness; Well...

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