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1. Angry Child Written

Here I lye like a loathsome creature, in the dark corners of my mind. Caged like an animal, I've turned myself over to be confined. My self-seeking has rejected truth, thus I await demand. For I've ma...

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2. Blinded Society

This generation walking in darkness, they won’t commit. See a world demoralized, this will be the demise of it. Lie – cent – ious – ness causes them to please there peers, they will never repent. Prac...

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3. Crying Out (for The Dead)

My little ones, where has your, love gone. (John 5:39-42); In the candles flame, I can see, everything's gone wrong. My little ones, why have you, given up. (Job 17:11-15); Have your trials, been to d...

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4. Last Showdown

Always the same, you caused us pain, but you're about to fall. In the heat of the sun, high noon comes, and it's over once and for all. But that's what you get, it makes you sweat, you know that you c...

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5. Lost

We’re sorry to hear, we’ll never see you again. We’re sorry to learn, you’ve chosen death instead. You seemed so kind, you had so many friends. You’ve ignored all warning, you’ve been misled…; Chorus:...

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