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1. About Me

So we never find out what we meant; Come and tell me all the things that I don't know about; Feelings come around when I see your face; Well, I don't know if I care; I'm stuck in a promise and I don't...

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2. Another Same

Surrounded by people I don't care about; Is creeping me out; Is there something else to this other than my self harm; We talk about good times; But they're only blurs in my gone mind; I may need somet...

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3. Blue Devil

Last night I threw all my sheets over my head with all the bad things; I've been thinking of you; And I hate that it could turn everything to dust and bones; That try to keep me, straight as I once wa...

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4. Cronus

I hope the dark fulfill the emptiness inside you; 'Cause I guess it's better feel bad than to feel nothing at all; I hope you fall inside your deepest and darkest dreams; 'Cause I guess you just learn...

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5. Deadlock

Locked here one more time; Inside my mind where I'm supposed to be; Feeling sober but still high; Cutting off pieces of me for life; I'm always tired of this place; Never cared for anything but the wa...

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6. Escape (Feat. Jéssica Waltrick)

Well, it's been some time; Since I ran away from all I did; Can't remember the last time I felt alive; I'll break myself; Away from the person that I wanna be; If it's all you're asking from me; And m...

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7. High

Under your chest; You drown in anxiety; About what comes; After you realize that; Your ego is a disguise; For the moments the world gets by; And you can't feel; When you're this blind; Fear will wear ...

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8. Inner Selfish

I watched you turn into somebody else; Have you found what you seek here; You seem to always have the answer; No matter who is asking; Behind your eyes; You'd think that there's life; But you died so ...

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9. Npc

My will, as I'm trashed; Will I stand still on my own; Don't leave me hanging on this burst rope; Set me free, I'll never be; Why should I trust my uneventful endeavours; To save you from yourself; Kn...

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10. Samsara

Deep inside and beyond the stars; There's nothing, but it still would tear us in parts; What does it say about us and our minds; How can we believe? How can we perceive? Looking up so close; We meet o...

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11. Sentience (Feat. Júlio Miotto)

These lapses of happiness; In a string of reality; Some strange reason; Brings me back to normality; So I begin to see myself; As another part of this; And it seems like every moment is drab; When rea...

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12. Sirens

Separate the ways; There's nothing more to say; Reliving everything was your mistake; Supress the shit inside; Never forget to hide; The things you never meant have been keeping you awake; Save yourse...

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