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1. Empty Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; Maybe looking at every line can explain to me the reasons why; Your flawless image is cracking at it's core; Exposing all your well hidden scars; Showing ...

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2. Friends Come First

Communications breaking down between us; I severed ties with self control; The other line is placed on hold; And I'm left hanging on; To distorted thoughts; That weigh heavy on my mind; They break me ...

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3. Making Sense Of Static

Color me pathetic, call me what you will; Making sense of static just to pay the bills; Another Friday night under hot spot lights; It's over, it's over; Do you want to do it just to make the grade; D...

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4. Phoenix

Wake me up from this deep sleep; Cause I'm halfway across the country now; And it's finally sinking in what you always seemed to talk about; Sunsets come and go; But the lights on the horizon; Will fo...

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5. The Impossible

It's been a long and winding road; Where sometimes we have lost control; And the impossible seemed oh so possible; Now at the darkest moments of despair; We'll find the spark to light the night air; W...

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6. The Tie That Binds

It's in the way you; Take the words coming out of my mouth; And twist them all around just to make it sound; Like I hate you now; For every single indiscretion that we've ever had; You take the good w...

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