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1. A Warrior's Tale

[Galeron]; Walking along that endless road; Filled with nothing but emptiness; Remembering what has been foretold; On my way to slay the lifeless; Gazing through the looking glass; I see a man filled ...

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2. Infernal Hymn

[Galeron]; I see you mighty one you will be vanquished; I am king of war bringer of light; I shall seek the demons within you; [Legion of Men]; The power of the holiest shall transcend; The evilness t...

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3. Sword of Erus

[Galeron]; Never shall I get lost; The light is on my side; As my will gets stronger; A thousand miles I stride; Demon your act of profane blasphemy; Has awaken the anger within me; [Druid]; We are th...

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4. Tears Of Paradise

The Oracle; I have been expecting you in my shrine; I sense that to anarchy you shall consign; Let me reveal your prophecy; For you to reach supremacy; Galeron; Living with the same thoughts every day...

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