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1. Blaspheme Unto Rebirth

In the river of woe; I have drowned; For my blessing of death, is of endless bloodshed; As the moon encircles my lifless flesh; An infernal vision takes form; Finally i am dead to this miserable world...

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2. Excruciate With Flames

Asphyxiation by flames; Infernal death I die; Bring darkness by thy name; I deny my soul to enter through the light; Gods of prey; To taste my flesh in the flames of death; Burn into me; The symbols o...

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3. Fallen To The Pits

Lust of immortality; Release from this mortal life of shame; Sinful desecration; From within the burning grave; Forbidden world now claims me; Immortalized, by eternity; Through the tunnel of flames I...

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4. Imprecari

Writhing at the gates, for I am all that is blasphemy; Ungodly I swarm in an abyss of souls; Forbidden to seek eternity; Submersed in the blood of surrounding carnage; Beyond my destiny; Awaiting pass...

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5. Inverted In Darkness

Bled from impurity; I blaspheme the flesh; Offering of pain; Scriptures of the suffering; Revealing the inverted cross; Cursing with sickness the flesh of god; Ritualized, fallen mortal life; Inverted...

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6. The Olde Ragged Cross

In the name of christian scum; All will burn in hells flames; Smoldering away in praise of the olde ragged cross; Where your shameful god once spoke; With the tongue of a crucified liar; In this I see...

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7. Von Pagan Blut

I am a true son of the darkness; And I alone walk this twisted landscape, stalking the pit; Enchanted by the bloody terrain of which I travel; My pagan roots outstretch the land of this earthly whore;...

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