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1. Bleeding Like Abel

Bleeding like Abel; The torture is just beginning; Coming to my home; Hungry for orgy; I'm a faster wild dog; I feel as if I had been inside of holy bible; I am Cain and you are the sacrifice; As I ha...

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2. Enraptured By War

Enraptured by War; -Night; Pentagram burning high in the sky; -Gates; To other word; Open to kill this mankind; -Lust; In the pleasure of war, I cum; -God; And your fucking heaven's throne; -I deny; S...

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3. Hail The Lesbians

Hail the Lesbians; She is dressed in college clothes; An innocent shine; Perverted young one with a virginal smile; She is dressed in leather and latex; A dominant face; Change your dreams of love in....

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4. Orgasmaniac

Orgasmaniac; Rapid fire on pulsant gland; The angel women enslaved by sex! Christ and saint, no scape too! The celestial rape is the sign of the goat; The sperm flows on my hand; The blood flows on yo...

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5. Prince Albert

Prince Albert; The torture starts; I can never stop; Blood, cum, torture and urine; Intense pain over my penis; Total adrenaline / total emotion; Whispers and growls; Metal penetrating the flesh; Whis...

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6. Shibary

Shibary; It is interesting to realize; How nervous you get; With the way I look at you; Obviously the looking; Can reveal; All kinds of intentions; So close your eyes; Don't look at me anymore; Just f...

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7. Szandor (into My Heart And My Vein)

Szandor (into my heart and my vein); The darkness of night; Make my heart goes too fast; The ways of destruction; Start from the sky and finish in hades; Naked witches celebrate the throne in the sky;...

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8. The Praise (oh Satanas)

The Praise (Oh Satanas); God of inferior world; Vengeance and evil; Death and heresies; Commandant of catastrophes; Plagues and infernal winds; I claim you for your power; To dominate this putrid worl...

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9. U.n.g.o.d

U.N.G.O.D. ; Ceremony of goat; Prepare for virgins; To dance for me; Total fuck-- total pain and ecstasy; Perverted cunts celebrating the supreme evil; The blasphemous cunts start to invoke the demon'...

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