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1. 315

So tell me...how does it feel to...ACT YOUR AGE???... Got your career lifetime degree,you're...PAST THAT STAGE???... But still,you drive the street where...WE USED TO PLAY!!!... I guess:after the piec...

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2. Airhead

I see I finally got inside your mind. Bounced off the sides a couple hundred times. That's when I realized the big empty space Inside I'd find; Thought there be more in store. It seems air is all I ev...

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3. Before Regret

Yes you've lost inside my eyes. Like a hundred burning candles in the night. Where every star is shining bright for you. And the morning sun waits only for you. There we are again the next in line. Ho...

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4. Different Light

Sick and tired of hearing you fucking cry. Piled up the shit pretty high. Living in this struggle be our proof. I find that I keep on hitting you. Still I try to look at it all in a different light. T...

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5. Heatseekers

Infection disease has spread across the land. The sky has grown darker mans time is at hand. A warrant has been issued for the life of all mankind. So here we are to do battle and die. Mother Mary que...

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6. Rebuilt

Back again among some friends heh now how do you do. Has it been very long time really flew. Out that door and back to her other songs that we knew. Forget them all cause its quite clear we're startin...

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7. Settle The Score

Bruised baby bruised heart. Bruise ya baby gonna tear you apart. Bruise your baby till ya got no more. Bruise your baby gonna settle the score and I. Cold piece of my heart. Drive it through a rock an...

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