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1. 45 Minutes

O'RYAN; 45 Minutes; Yeah, O'Ryan; T-Scott; MH; [Chorus x2]; In The Club 5 minutes mami looking at me; Another 10 minutes mami dancing wit me; 30 minutes got her in the V.I.P; Now that's 45 minutes sho...

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2. Bad Situation

O'RYAN; Bad Situation; See Baby; It's hard cause I care about you; But you my best friend's girl; And I can't get in between that; That's why I don't trust myself with you; I don't know what to do; Ma...

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3. In A Bad Way

O'RYAN; "In A Bad Way"; Yeah; Turn me up a lil bit; Ok; Uh; Yo, i never felt this way about a girl before; But I do.....uh, listen; Uh; [Verse 1]; See you walk in and I know; I can't even front girl; ...

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4. Introducing

(feat. Young Rome); [Intro]; Ladies and gentlemen; Introducing Lil'O; Yo,You ready homie; We 'bout to let the know how we do; Y'all ain't ready. Y'all ain't ready; Y'all ain't ready; [Verse 1 - O'Ryan...

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5. Just Another Shorty

(Verse 1:); Tell me how did I get in a situation like this; Where I'm feelin fadin; Girl you got me cathin feelins; Like I'm lovin again; Tryin to spread myself around; Now here you come with that bul...

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6. Pay Anything

[Intro]; Yo; think i'm crazy huh? well maybe i am; buti'm down for anything; know what i mean; uh now let's go let's go; [Verse 1]; I need ya (i need ya); i want ya (i want ya); and everyday that goes...

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7. She Loves The Club

O'RYAN; She Loves The Club; [Verse 1:]; Damn you playing games already; 'Cause you sorta got me sea-sick, waving your belly; Like in and out then out and then in; Then back to out, girl drop your frie...

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8. Shorty

[Verse 1:]; Hip hop, that hop-hop the hippy, when they; J-Kwon I'm known to stay pretty, when they; From the Lou' we known to stay pretty, we be; ?? shine, I'm just like get it, get it; Do it mix, sin...

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9. Smellz Like A Party

O'RYAN; Smellz Like A Party; (feat. Rufus Blaq); O-RYAN; Oh, oh, TU- O G; You know how we get down; T Scott on the track; O tell em what you're talking about; [Verse 1:]; I, step off into the party li...

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10. Take It Slow

O'RYAN; "Take It Slow"; [Verse One:]; I'm in my ride at the corner by the light; Bout to pull up in front of your door; So make sure that your body's lookin' right; Let me know what I came out here fo...

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