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1. 7543

7543; Orquídea Negra; He is the master of pain; And he lives in our dreams; You will meet him tonight; There’s no time to be sorry; All your signs will been found; Can you will all that climb; Ooh Mas...

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2. Black Wind

Traveling so far in that distance; and tears for no one I'll drop; Candles in this white empty hall; Are so weak to any wind blow; I'm the one who pray for die; I'm the one who waits for the wind; blo...

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3. By Ms. Misery

If You don't mind in lose; your control every day; If you don't mind and live; your life just day by day; And now I'll tell You baby; is sad to live like that; Survive just to remains; If you don't mi...

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4. Call For The Battle

I’m waiting the sun goes by; And i still walk behind this dream; I got a strange way to follow them; And i got to follow alone; And that the true history of my life; Time after time day after day; All...

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5. Christmas Night

Christma’s Night; All night long I’ve been searching for your sign; I’m lost and nothing can change this blue; A lonely street was my messy home; I’m loosing my faith and you are the only one; That ca...

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6. Hunting Devil

Hunting Devil; Cold of the night goes through my mind; Don’t turn your back I will be waiting for you; Feel I’m lost in the sea of emotions; Nobody seems to worry about my fears; Ooh I’m lost in this ...

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7. It’s Easy To Remember

It’s Easy To Remember; When I just talk about my own problems; I just see you learning to fly; When I was a kid I remember this feeling; Abruptly the memories came to my head; Then I was drowned in co...

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8. Meeting The Fear

Meeting The Fear; In a cold street; I see your eyes of blood; And I always wait for your deadly call; He took my soul and he mades me cry; Now you and me are getting close to feel; The air is heavy th...

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9. Miss You

Now I know I remember the time; Of the real time when I was touching you; And I feel I really remember; All those things you make me see; And I feel I really remember; I can't live without your touch;...

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10. Mr. Powerful

Mr. powerful; Now watch behind your shoulder; I’m side by side with you; You believe in your power; Your forgot the eyes of the night; You insist in your killing; It’s nonsense to stop now (you say); ...

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11. Run To The Hell

Run to the hell; ; Fast as i could i’m taking the road; And i’ll never forget the souls i’m leaving behind; The engine is quiet but i still hear the snore; It’s just another town lost in a distance; W...

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12. Some Light To See

Some Light To See; Shoot them; Thrash that weakness souls; And live in terror; Killing for attraction; And feel the taste of other pain; Don’t you back of me; Without a loser heart; Spilling terror st...

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13. Surrender

It seems the road is not so far; Like that old days; It seems the runners are not so touch; Like that old days; I'm just another old runner; Running of my past; I'm just a last survivor; Of the runner...

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14. The Darkness

The Darkness; So you know the darkness comes to us; There’s not that we can do to change this; And I fell a lot of sheen this waves; But I never touch in these dreams; So I go because I hear your call...

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15. The End Of Your Days

The End Of Your Days; Remember that day when the sky turned to gray? And your eyes could see the end of your days? There was no more hope for you; There were no more places to hide yourself; And now i...

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16. The One From The Black Night

Thousands years gonne before He was born; Nobody knows wich the black wind who; Brought him; He grow up fast and fast be a king; He gaves his signal but We all read news; His father taught him eveythi...

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17. The Unknow

I'll never listen You; You prowling all the time; Desfiguring my deams around; makes me go away; I try justo to see this show; and cut of this pain; I put all this part together; to see what's going o...

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18. Touch Your Dream

TOUCH YOUR DREAM; Orquídea Negra; ; Thousands of souls can see me from there; Heroes are dying for nobody’s cause; Oceans of time have waiting my way; Driving me notes in a one single call; Ooh ooh oo...

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