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1. Burn The Witch

Burn the witch; Destroy her soul; Good tidings of blood; And misery foretold; Her carcass it lay, limb by limb; A troll appears and cats her skin.

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2. Epicurean Mass

Sending out invitations; Hello my friends, come inside; A mounting feast stands before you; Gluttony is your last sin; Consuming all that is evil; Engorging beyond recourse. Pouring the Nectar of Bacc...

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3. Melancholia

Everything turns black before my eyes; A desolate atmosphere surrounds me; All of my will, is slowly diminishing; Left alone in this world, only to die; Watching the sunlight fade, Away from our black...

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4. Peasants Lament

Through this unstable mind returning; My beliefs become frail. A mirage clouds my eyes, As day turns to night. ; Wings of power and fate are taken; Out of envy and hate. And though the sun will shine;...

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5. Pierced By Cruel Winds

Coming forth from the horizon, an army of the dead; On top of woolly mammoths they ride, galloping ahead; Across the mountains pillaging all that is in sight; Satisfying the ancient ones, death it's a...

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6. Unspeakable Truth

When the light in your life has been extinguished; When your left in the cold; No one can understand you; Not even those who foretold. ; Searching aimlessly for answers to the unspeakable; truth; Pain...

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7. War Cry

Born into a world of hate and conflict; Greed and envy consume all; Allied with the dark, possessed by the cold; Waiting, watching for the end; A battle must ensue, from this calling; I'll give myself...

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