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1. A Beginning

Come and follow me, let the river guide us to the shore; Laying on the field, watch the clouds roll by in silent peace; Shadows of the trees form pretty little spirals with the wind; And very far from...

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2. Anton

Welcome to my world, welcome to my dream; Tonight you shall see me in my cold and pale show; Now it’s the time to be aware:; I’ll heal you all with my eyes; Well this is how I am, once a living man; P...

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3. Frontline Dreams

Forward we march in the piercing rain, together we move as one. No matter how hard to deliver the pain, we claim the land with Blood and Iron; Row after row we rise and travel through the Fire, row af...

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4. Island Of Joy

I come from the island of mountains and the sun; White village and the dark green trees all around; I sleep in the peaceful shade, like a child; In dreams I don’t mind being young, I look up and say; ...

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5. Lighthouse

We were waiting for the night; to search the hidden gate to lighthouse; Wise men travelled many days to see this nightfall, we were searching astral way; Lighthouse; Dreams of memories; Past lives; So...

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