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1. Losing My Hope

Losing My Hope; Stay awake; Don’t lose your head; All the time you live; Is drained by the past; Never forget the storm; Was the last thing you saw; Now face the challenge of god; Without all you had ...

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2. Oh, Parasite!

Oh, Parasite! Day full of sorrows; Continence left the brain; No learn, no living, doesn’t matter if its coming the rain; Blood, veins, skin, everything too hot; Oh, I’m not a crazy, I’m not a insane;...

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3. Welcome To Reality

Welcome to Reality; Locked in a dark room; My visions come from a window; The sunrise is the only that make me alive; Living with the heroes at my side; Looking the evil outside; Just a warrior walkin...

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4. Wings Of A Butterfly

Wings of a Butterfly; Sunny day turn to a moonlight night; The days are passing so fast; Hours and hours living by madness; Flowers painting the world with the beauties colors; The grass, the rocks, t...

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