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1. Another Night

Wind is blowin' 'round the cabin; I hate to hear that lonesome sound; I'm all alone and so downhearted; Since my true love she ain't around; I hate to see that sun a sinkin'; Another night to toss and...

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2. Borderline

So you're on your own lookin' down the road that goes only by one way; And you don't need the signs to see lonely still runs both ways; So who's the fool that would think the ties would be better off ...

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3. Broadway

I stood on faith and the corner of ambition; I came here to sink or swim; And to show them all that they were wrong; And though I never thought I'd make it this far; So the curtains are down; For the ...

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4. Daylight

Daylight falls and I'm lost in the big parade. Hold my hand, darling, I'm afraid of the daylight. Shade is dark. Cool and languid for life or love. Safe in shadows; never stark as the daylight. As the...

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5. Every Time You Say Goodbye

Look at the sky baby; What do you see? Looks like the tears that I cry; Fallin' down like rain on the ground; Every time you say goodbye; Take a look around now; Why don't you feel; The way that cold ...

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6. Forget About It

Forget about it; I'm admittin' I was wrong; And I'll just take what's mine; And walk right out the door; Forget about it; I'll split and I'll be gone; And you'll have memories; You'll find hard to ign...

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7. Gravity

I left home when I was seventeen; I just grew tired of falling down; And I'm sure I was told; The allure of the road; Would be all I found; And all the answers that I started with; Turned out question...

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8. Happiness

With your love I was complete; Like a haven safe from harm; Till the bitter stole the sweet; I was perfect in your arms; A precious while I had your smile; Till it all fell apart with one change of he...

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9. Heartstrings

Way up north where the snow flies and the sun don't hardly shine; If it weren't for my true love, I'd long ago lost my mind; I'd long ago lost my mind; There's good folks here, good folks there, most ...

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10. Maybe

Yesterday the odds were stacked; In favor of my expectations; Flyin' above the rest; Never fallin' from the nest; Tuesday came and went and now; I'm in a little situation; Maybe it's for the best; I c...

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11. New Favorite

New Favorite; They all say it; I'll say it too; You've got a new favorite; You're old standby; your right hand guy; is nothing new; you've got a new favorite; Why do you lie about love? I saw the ligh...

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12. One Good Reason

Just give me one good reason tonight; Must be something you could say to me; To keep me warm on this cold dark night; Can you bring out the best in me? That old moon in shining brightly; Up above the ...

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13. Pastures Of Plenty

Well, it's always we ramble, this river and I; All along your green valleys, I work till I die; My land I'll defend with my life need it be; 'Cause my pastures of plenty must always be free; Green pas...

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14. Restless

Honey, I know you've been alone some, Why don't you 'phone some, 'cause I love you. An' honey, I know I've been away some, I've had to pay some and you have too. ; But the one thing I know: that when ...

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15. Sleep On

Could your heart ever be mine? Your arms hold me so close to you all through the night; Your eyes gaze into mine; Sayin' I should believe you, I always do, I don't know why; Cause you taught me a less...

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16. So Long So Wrong

I know I'll be lonesome; That brings about a little fear; I know I'll be sad and I'll be blue; I have given the best of me; When I forgot to say to you; What you forgot to say to me; So long, so wrong...

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17. Stars

Stood out in the rain. Let it soak me down, Before I called you... I called you. ; You did not see me there, Hidden by the dark, Beneath your window, But I saw you. ; When putting on a face for the mi...

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18. Stay

Where have you been, My long lost friend? It's good to see you again. Come and sit for a while; I've missed your smile; Today the past is goodbye. Time can't erase; A lover's embrace. Can't you hear i...

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