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1. Anticipate

Vagrant seas to see; Just a dream, could be? Mutiny in the air we breath; Resembles me, so naive. ; See all that you feel; Breath all that you can see; Hear all that you can hear; Speak words that fee...

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2. Disregard

Cause I'm hearing things. Maybe it's inside of my head. Your making me believe that it's wrong, is it wrong to ask? When support is all I need. Just fuck off! I hope you can savor. ; Cause I'm hearing...

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3. Eminent

Did you save all the pictures made in memory? Just remember what we've been through so far. It was made far away for you and me to keep on laughing all night. When it comes down to this moment I cant ...

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4. Luck

Well I would just say fuck you, go to hell and eat my ass! How could you be so fuckin cruel? I did my best to try and understand. Now all that's left of me is what you could'nt take from me. ; Has it ...

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5. Relation

Descansando de tus medidas. Ve asi al cielo y encontraras; Estas son las cosas mas bonitas. Relacion! It's this insignificance of opportunities; That arises from your overly charmed ways. Tonight we r...

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6. Rout

Overcoming the fear that insists for you to live. It is a process known to take your whole life. Lets forgive and forget. All the unhappiness. Tomorrow could be your last day since death is an arms le...

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7. Yo Intente

I keep sensing that our trust will keep growing, keep on growing strong. Believe me when I say that everything is fine. Just relax, don't leave me out there! It's so hard to see things your way. ; You...

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