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1. A New Dawn

A new Dawn; Strange dark place, trees around me, Heavy stones on the ground, I looked at the fatal Moon; While the wind whispered sad words; Victim of a waking dream; I stayed in the darkness; While t...

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2. Leave The Shades Behind

L E A V E T H E S H A D E S B E H I N D; ; Fall asleep, search the noise of silence; Now it's time to call your soul and look at your faults; Let your Spirit rise over every event; Look about yourself...

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3. Life's Best Days

Life's Best Days; Looking at my fading dreams; while your hand grazes my face; I sail in the sea of memories; You can't hear my cry of pain; in this Night without a moon; You can't feel the weight of ...

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4. Light And Dark

LIGHT AND DARK; Moonlight shines over the town, People sleep and await a new day, Silent shadows move in the night; While the bells toll the sad presage. A scream from a distance, a Child cries, Ancie...

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5. Old Symphony

Old Symphony; "Try to see the future with eyes of innocence; through the eyes of the Master world, who received you with open arms"; One of us is the subject of a divine will; Here I am on the high se...

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6. Whispers

WHISPERS; He sits alone by the window; The rain falls down on the glass; In the cold of my life I'm waiting in the sun; He'll never come, I'll never see you; She sees the tears in his face; The rain f...

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